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Our Boys

Our boys are available for stud services on a contract that provides a stud guarantee. We are able to meet at Cedarwood Vet in Red Deer for collection and AI/TCI or at Range Road Vet in Beaumont for collection and AI. We do not offer in house breeding to protect our home and pets from outside pathogens.

IMG_1783 2.JPG


Purebred CKC Registered French Bulldog

Ee coco dd BB kyky atat II SS

Currently not accepting more stud bookings



Purebred CKC Registered French Bulldog

Ee Nco Dd BB kBky atat NN Ssp LhLh

Carries 1 copy of FGF4

Stud fee: $5000

Elbows: Normal

Spine: Disease free - three marks

Trachea: Normal

Hips: Pending

IMG_1783 2.JPG


Frenchton 82.5% French Bulldog 12.5% Boston Terrier

E? Co? Dd B? kyky atat II spsp ShLh

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