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Our Boys

Our boys are available for stud services on a contract that provides a stud guarantee. We are able to meet at Cedarwood Vet in Red Deer for collection and AI/TCI or at Lakeside Vet in Sherwood Park for collection and AI. We do not offer in house breeding to protect our home and pets from outside pathogens.

IMG_1465 2.jpg
IMG_1465 2.jpg


75% French Bulldog 25% Boston Terrier

EmE NN Bb dd kyky atat II spsp

Eyes: normal

Patella: normal

Trachea: normal

Heart: normal

Embark Genetic Screening: clear - CMR1 carrier

Stud fee: in house only at this time

IMG_1783 2.JPG


Purebred CKC Registered French Bulldog

Ee coco dd B- kyky atat II SS

Stud fee: $2500



Purebred CKC Registered French Bulldog

Ee Nco Dd BB kBky atat NN S- LhLh

Carries 1 copy of FGF4

Stud fee: $5000

Preliminary OFAs coming soon

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